1. USDA Approves More State Industrial Hemp Plans
  2. Trump Wants to End Rider Protecting State-Legal Cannabis Businesses
  3. Police put brakes on female driver with cannabis in car driving at nearly double the speed limit
  4. Mississippi Lawmakers Attempt To ‘Kill’ Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative With New Strategy
  5. Hemp data company launches legal battle over ‘benchmarks’ moniker
  6. Joining forces with CBD producer was a slam-dunk decision for NBA legend Isiah Thomas
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  22. Fomer Gap Band vocalist said he convinced Snoop Dogg to quit smoking weed for an entire year
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  24. Conservative Party Leader contender Peter MacKay does not agree with cannabis legalization
  25. Marijuana legalization leads to more fatal car crashes
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  30. Despite FDA Regaining Power, Major Brands Keep Expanding
  31. Ontario township has new cannabis grow rules and, unlike some areas, neighbours don’t object
  32. A Roll and Bowl tournament allowed Superette to bring the cannabis community together
  33. Cannabis use believed to have caused man to suffer ‘recurrent, unwanted erections’
  34. Alberta cannabis cultivators, processors eligible for agricultural grants
  35. Colgate to aquire brand with new CBD line of toothpaste, mouthwash
  36. How the U.S. presidential candidates feel about weed
  37. Louisiana begins licensing farmers, CBD firms to build state’s nascent hemp industry
  38. Owner of Illegal Burger calls fast food and CBD ‘a great marriage’
  39. After New Mexico Lawmakers Fail To Pass Marijuana Legalization, Governor Says Voters Could Decide
  40. Do cannabis producers care that Ont. township plans to extend its ban of new grow facilities?
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  42. House Candidate Gives Marijuana To Voters At ‘First-Ever Congressional Weed Party’
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  44. Kentucky: House Votes Overwhelmingly in Favor of Medical Cannabis Access
  45. Elderly driver gets high and takes police on turtle-like trek through town
  46. Secret U.S. document shows Canadians who use legal cannabis ‘not eligible’ for Nexus program
  47. Federal Reserve Sends Reminder That Hemp Businesses Can Get Bank Accounts
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  49. Abbotsford police on the hunt for “Freddy Krueger” suspect in armed dispensary robbery
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  55. NFL Would End Marijuana Suspensions In Deal Circulated By Players Union
  56. Farm group cautions that South Africa’s cannabis cultivation could threaten food security
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  58. Canadians may be warming to going legit and scoring their weed from legal sources
  59. USDA Approves Hemp Plans For Washington State And Wyoming
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  61. Different prices on the same cannabis extracts ‘doesn’t sit well’ with customers
  62. Kentucky House Approves Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill
  63. Australis backs out of deal for Colorado hemp firm Folium
  64. Court challenge to social equity provisions leaves city between a rock and a hard place
  65. Compensation board directs insurer to pony up for injured worker’s pot
  66. Positive Results From Trial Of Cannabis Medicine For Insomnia
  67. New York Governor Will Visit Legal Marijuana States To Take Lessons Back Home
  68. Will smoking weed affect my job prospects?
  69. Booming hemp business rolls out millions of CBD joints, but family relationships unravel
  70. New Hampshire: House Lawmakers Approve Bill Allowing Personal Possession of Marijuana
  71. Marijuana May Have Caused 12-Hour Erection, Doctors Say
  72. Nipissing First Nation cannabis facility to bring 80 new jobs to region
  73. New Hampshire House Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill
  74. Alouettes’ Quan Bray, Browns’ Greg Robinson stopped with 157 pounds of pot in vehicle
  75. Sol Global’s CannCure Takes Next Step For Reverse Takeover
  76. Smoking can be such a social experience – just not when you’re smoking cannabis
  77. Cannabis, other drugs must remain illegal, top Trump campaign spokesman says
  78. This cannabis-infused whipped cashew-milk butter recipe can be used for almost anything
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  83. Whoopi Goldberg’s Cannabis Company Crashes
  84. North Van. to ditch status as legal weed wasteland by sending multiple applicants forward
  85. Top Trump Campaign Spokesman: Marijuana Must Be ‘Kept Illegal’
  86. Changes to bill would allow employers to fire medical cannabis patients for ‘failed’ drug tests
  87. Virginia Marijuana Decriminalization Gets Closer To Governor’s Desk With New Amendments
  88. Fruit, vegetable giant latest to join smokable hemp industry
  89. Colorado sets record by selling US$1.75 billion in cannabis products last year
  90. USDA Touts Hemp Industry’s Growth But Says Challenges Remain
  91. 2020 Top 12 Most Effective Cannabis PR Firms
  92. Arizona explores capping THC in medical cannabis products at just two percent
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  94. Grandmother in hot water after grandsons film themselves smoking pot at her home
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  96. Report: Legal Marijuana Industry Employs Over 240,000 Full-Time Workers
  97. U.S. transportation dept. won’t test for CBD, but warns safety-sensitive workers to be cautious
  98. Connecticut’s religious leaders divided on cannabis
  99. Former Burt’s Bees executive joins NC-based CBD company
  100. Is cannabis to blame for slumping beer sales?
  101. Alabama Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill
  102. Two B.C. dispensaries become first private pot shops in Canada to unionize
  103. Australis Kills Folium Deal
  104. Toronto native Elias Theodorou earns MMA’s first exemption to use medical marijuana
  105. Ballot Language Approved For Washington, D.C. Psychedelics Decriminalization Measure
  106. Zenabis To Produce Sparkling Beverages
  107. Waterloo, Ont. finally has access to local, legal weed
  108. ‘Cut it off, patch me up best you can’: After losing her arm, Sammi Tucker did the impossible
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  114. Small towns, big dreams and lowered expectations: Communities across Canada are adjusting to the new reality of the cannabis industry
  115. East Coast ornamental greenhouse partners exclusively with Front Range Biosciences
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  117. NSLC plans to more than double the number of cannabis stores in Nova Scotia
  118. Top Minnesota Lawmaker Says He’ll File Marijuana Legalization Bill Within Two Weeks
  119. Pennsylvania hemp processor closes operations, citing falling hemp, CBD prices
  120. Skunky joint in woman’s bra leads to bust
  121. Days Before Legal Marijuana Sales Vote, Poll Shows Three-Fourths Of Vermont Residents Support Move
  122. Colorado’s cannabis companies find creative new inroads to reach customers
  123. NZ Medical Cannabis Workshops Prove Popular
  124. Plant Person Profile: Yanni Young
  125. Agribusiness giant Syngenta adds hemp to its lobbying efforts
  126. Conservative Christian group invites anti-cannabis crusader to share controversial opinions
  127. Department Of Transportation Says Safety-Sensitive Workers Won’t Be Tested For CBD
  128. Preliminary research suggests ‘no adverse effects’ of treating horses with CBD
  129. Mike Bloomberg Calls For Marijuana Decriminalization And Expungements In New Plan
  130. No more horsing around for Australian jockey who failed sixth cannabis test
  131. Nunavut seeks to amend cannabis regulations, allow brick-and-mortar retail stores
  132. Tell Congress Not To Allow Trump To Roll Back Medical Marijuana Protections
  133. Colorado Marijuana Money Funds Cleaner Highways And Anti-Bullying Programs
  134. Digipath Reports 26% Increase In Revenue
  135. NFL mulls only suspending players ‘for extreme and repeated disregard of policy’
  136. Constellation Brands Executive Joins Napa Valley House Of Saka
  137. Nipissing First Nation to open first licensed pot shop
  138. British Scientists Confirm: CBD Has Antipsychotic Effects
  139. The difference between indica and sativa strains explained
  140. House of Saka, Inc. Taps Sue Bachorski of Constellation Brands for COO/CFO Role
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  143. Treasury secretary talks cannabis biz tax incentives (Newsletter: February 18, 2020)
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  147. GOP Senator Presses Treasury Secretary On Tax Credits For Marijuana Businesses
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  150. American Bar Association Wants Protections For Marijuana Banking And Lawyers Working With Cannabis Clients
  151. Did Joe Biden accidentally endorse marijuana legalization?
  152. NFL Marijuana Penalties Will Be ‘Dramatically Reduced’ Under Deal Being Weighed By Players Union
  153. New film explores small grower left behind by big cannabis
  154. UK and US Agencies Continue Battle Against CBD Industry 
  155. Medical Marijuana Patients With ADHD Use Fewer Prescription Drugs, Study Finds
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  176. New Mexico nixes adult-use marijuana bill, Aurora Cannabis posts big loss and Trump seeks more money to regulate CBD/hemp
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  182. Neptune Wellness Delivers Solid Quarter As Sales Increase
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  185. Illicit Market Tackled Next Week At Northeast Cannabis Business Conference
  186. Amsterdam considers barring tourists from buying weed at iconic coffee shops
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  188. Charles Barkley warms up to marijuana use, but ‘it better be for the right reasons’
  189. Canopy Rivers Reports Drop In Income, Increasing Losses
  190. Keanu Reeves is back with a bong, Stormy Daniels opts for cannabis-infused lubes instead
  191. Border Patrol Union Head Admits Legalizing Marijuana Forces Cartels Out Of The Market
  192. Aluminum cans prove to be a real buzzkill when it comes to cannabis-infused beverages
  193. Products for hemp on display at the World Ag Expo
  194. Cannabis, spiders and snakes, oh my: Police get more than they bargain for during raid of home
  195. Ability of laser to tell hemp from cannabis could reduce confusion, mistakes and WTF moments
  196. Mike Bloomberg Attacks Marijuana Legalization In Controversial Resurfaced Recording
  197. Cannabis Industry Predictions for the Year 2020
  198. Friday Book Club: Cannabis Cocktails
  199. LA County DA clears 66K cannabis convictions thanks to Code for America algorithm
  200. Bipartisan Lawmakers Ask Colleagues To Cosponsor Medical Marijuana Research Bill For Veterans
  201. Canopy Rivers Reports Drop In Income, Increasing Losses
  202. Mass recall of CBD products after unsafe levels of THC detected
  203. Steamy Stats For Cannabis On Valentine’s Day
  204. Company off to national competition after new app that identifies sick cannabis plants wins Startup Cup
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  221. Castlegar to start construction on a craft cannabis park
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  223. Man who sparked joint in court apologizes, but will continue to fight the good herb fight
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  225. Great Year Ahead for Virginia: Cannabis Possession Decriminalized
  226. Cannabis-friendly Airbnbs for your weekend getaway
  227. South Africa approves country’s first cannabis college
  228. Trump’s Plans For Medical Marijuana
  229. Lasers Can Tell Hemp And Marijuana Apart With ‘100 Percent Accuracy,’ Scientists Reveal
  230. Inuvik residents turn to RCMP in face of ‘dramatic increase in drug trafficking’
  231. Twelve GOP Lawmakers Thank Senate Chairman For Delaying Marijuana Banking Bill
  232. Cannabis and coitus: Toronto sex club warmly welcomes pot-loving participants
  233. Jim Carrey tells Conan O’Brien about the time Rodney Dangerfield offered his dad some pot
  234. Hemp Insurance Arrives, Pushing Hemp One Step Closer to a Mainstream Crop
  235. Pennsylvania Lawmaker Unveils Updated Marijuana Legalization Bill In Letter To Colleagues
  236. Neptune Wellness Delivers Solid Quarter As Sales Increase
  237. Pain of cheering for Bengals and Browns beyond the help of medical marijuana
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  239. Cannabis is a boon for commercial real estate space in legalized U.S. states
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  241. Aurora Cannabis Stock Slides As Revenue Falls
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  244. New Mexico Senate Committee Rejects Marijuana Legalization Bill Days Before Session Ends
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  246. Please don’t buy me weed for Valentine’s Day: Sarah Hanlon
  247. Edmonton man gets prison for killing mother while in cannabis psychosis
  248. Abacus acquires Harmony Hemp for $5.5 million, boosting retail reach to 12,000 stores
  249. Jay-Z files lawsuit on behalf of pot prisoners after violence spurs ‘unthinkable spate of deaths’
  250. The Daily Hit: February 12th, 2020
  251. Trump maybe, kinda, sort of okay with death penalty for drug dealers
  252. Top Mexican Senator Says Marijuana Legalization Bill Will Be Approved This Month
  253. Is cannabis smoke hurting your smile?
  254. It’s Just a Plant: Sequel to Go the F— to Sleep helps children learn the ABCs of cannabis
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  256. Kentucky Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Bill In Committee Vote
  257. Improved sales at Cannabis NB may give province second thoughts on unloading operation
  258. Relieved woman chronicles her cat’s accidental cannabis trip on Instagram
  259. First Government Psychedelics Decriminalization Panel Holds Historic Meeting In Denver
  260. Man pleads not guilty after directing kids to hide his weed stash from police
  261. TrueMedX Dallas – A Unique New Concept in a CBD Store in Texas
  262. Despite Layoffs, Cannabis Industry Job Growth Continues to Boom
  263. St. Catharines opts out of proposed bylaw to freeze cannabis cultivation facilities
  264. Virginia: Both Chambers Pass Decriminalization Legislation
  265. Workers’ Compensation Claims Decline In States With Medical Marijuana, Study Shows
  266. California bans drug felons in hemp production in order to comply with federal rules
  267. Great British Bake-Off host Mary Berry targeted in latest fake celeb cannabis endorsement
  268. Check out these weed movies with Hollywood A-listers
  269. Stormy Daniels is making CBD lubes
  270. Top Pro-Trump Lawmaker: Congress Will Ignore President’s Push To End Medical Marijuana Protections
  271. President Trump requests additional funds to regulate CBD, hemp
  272. Will my CBD oil and other cannabis topicals expire?
  273. South Dakota hemp crop possible for 2020 after legalization clears House
  274. The Daily Hit: February 11, 2020
  275. Is it Really Even Better for You At All?
  276. Ontario man, who wants to switch to cannabis from opioids, has his application denied by WSIB
  277. Marijuana Decriminalization Approved By Virginia Senate And House
  278. Terminally ill man, 80, refuses to stop treating himself with cannabis despite warnings from police
  279. B.C. treatment centre opposes development of pot facility, calls it a ‘slap in the face to First Nations’
  280. Overwhelming Support For Medical Marijuana In Kentucky
  281. How your hemp business is affected by the new data landscape
  282. Trump proposes nixing policy to protect state medical cannabis programs
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  284. Airmen found using cannabis at nuclear base… and not for the first time
  285. Bloomberg Under Fire For Defending Racial Disparities In Marijuana Arrests In Newly Resurfaced Recording
  286. Study: Medical Cannabis Access Associated with Fewer Workers’ Comp Claims
  287. The heat is on Michael Bloomberg after video surfaces of his staunch defence of stop-and-frisk
  288. Chicago cannabis consumers warmly welcome Girl Scouts selling cookies outside store
  289. Governors Across U.S. Step Up Push To Legalize Marijuana In Their States
  290. The Inaugural Weedy Awards By WeedWeek Honors the Best of the Cannabiz
  291. A single dose of ‘life-changing’ psilocybin has people stubbing out their cigarettes for good
  292. Brain specialist, plant researcher tapped to lead California cannabis institute
  293. Some pot companies are months away from running out of cash
  294. Trump Budget Targets Marijuana States Rights
  295. Cannabis may prompt the brain to create false memories
  296. TILT Partners With Blinc Group
  297. Nepal considers legalizing cannabis production, consumption
  298. This chef is hosting 12-course cannabis-infused feasts, right in his home
  299. Executive Spotlight: Olivia Alexander
  300. Move over, pot: Psychedelic companies are about to go public
  301. Proof marijuana has been part of professional sports for decades
  302. The Black Beast’s next battle might be with the USADA after admitting to smoking weed ‘24/7’ before UFC fight
  303. People in Ontario will get a say in where they can consume cannabis — to a degree
  304. Illinois Chamber of Commerce Concedes to Cannabis Reign
  305. How to incorporate weed into a workout — Jamaican-style: Health Nut
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  307. Interview with Leah Sera
  308. From gold-plated vape pens to brain sensors, Oscar gift bags are ridiculous as ever
  309. USDA Digs In On Hemp THC Limits
  310. Trump Again Applauds Death Penalty For Drug Offenses
  311. Youth cannabis use may contribute to adult sleep disturbances: study
  312. Hemp price plummets – CBD demand lower than expected
  313. Where To Buy CBD in Palm Beach | BUY CBD OIL
  314. Just say no: Singapore leads way at getting Netflix content taken down, report shows
  315. LIFEAID collaborate with Ojai Energetics to offer LIFEAID CBD beverage
  316. Trump Budget Proposes Ending State Medical Marijuana Protections And Blocking DC From Legalizing
  317. Abbotsford, B.C. looks to target illegal dispensaries by raising ‘cost of doing business’
  318. NFL could learn a thing or two from XFL’s accommodating cannabis policy
  319. Virginia House Approves Marijuana Decriminalization Bill
  320. Hemp farmers should act fast to sign up for new USDA crop insurance options
  321. Product returns are yet another thorn in the cannabis industry’s side
  322. Plant Person Profile: D’Real Graham
  323. CLS Holdings Sees January Drop After Holidays, But Increased Customers
  324. The holiday’s over for man trying to smuggle cannabis wrapped up as Ferrero Rocher confection
  325. Coronavirus Outbreak Hits the Cannabis Industry
  326. More pain in store for Canadian marijuana companies after Aurora Cannabis, Tilray cut jobs
  327. Investors Tell Cannabis Companies ‘Prove It’ Before Opening Wallet
  328. Seven Governors Talk Marijuana Policy At Annual Conference
  329. Scooter Braun invests in European cannabis as region opens up
  330. Medical Consumers In Illinois Push For Priority Status
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  348. Heavenly Rx expands footprint by acquiring American CBD maker
  349. Aurora CEO departs, Whoopi Goldberg leaves medical cannabis firm, NM court allows MMJ business tax deductions & more
  350. Sicily Introduces Free Medical Cannabis for Certain Patients
  351. This Cannabis Compound Could Fight Drug-Resistant Superbugs
  352. Buyers Are Getting By the CBD Ban on Amazon
  353. Pete Buttigieg Pressed On Marijuana Enforcement And Decriminalizing Drugs In Debate
  354. Legal cannabis businesses get heat for odours emanating from illegal grow
  355. Bahamian Rastafari approve new recommendations for cannabis reform
  356. Kareem Hunt’s actions ‘not acceptable’, Browns owner says after running back found with cannabis and booze in vehicle
  357. USDA Won’t Increase THC Limit On Hemp Despite Requests From Farmers And Lawmakers
  358. Sports Illustrated, Canopy latest chasing sports market
  359. Five snow day activities for cannabis lovers
  360. USDA offers new insurance options but warns that production rules are staying — for now
  361. Most cannabis consumers ‘struggle to understand’ THC numbers on edibles packaging, Ont. study finds
  362. New Hampshire: Home Cultivation Legislation Advances
  363. Netflix Blocks Marijuana Shows And Films In Response To Government Demands
  364. Brooklyn Nets’ multi-year deal with BioSteel a ‘natural evolution’
  365. Crossing the Rubicon: Simply Bare Organic products hit B.C., Saskatchewan
  366. Colorado Marijuana Legalization Would Be Overturned By New Ballot Measure
  367. Buyer beware: ‘Weed washing’ companies said to deliver little to no CBD despite packaging
  368. Friday Book Club: Weedopedia
  369. Virginia makes moves to decriminalize cannabis
  370. Can THC breathalyzer designed in B.C. advance accuracy beyond saliva-based screening tests?
  371. Two CBD-Producing Genes Could Resolve Hot Hemp Issues
  372. SpongeBob SquarePants explores the seven stages of being high in new video
  373. CEO Terry Booth Out As Aurora Cannabis Is Latest Company To Restructure
  374. The rise and impending doom of canna-bro culture
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  376. Talking to Your Doctor About CBD
  377. The High Road: Kesha ‘reclaiming her happiness’ with a little help from cannabis
  378. CBD processor acquires California brand, plans to expand footprint
  379. Bob Marley’s estate releases new video to honour ‘hero to billions’ on his birthday
  380. Joe Biden’s New Marijuana Comment ‘A Big Nothing,’ Says Advocate Who Spoke To Him
  381. New testing device said to be able to differentiate between hemp and high-THC cannabis
  382. Vermont: Measure Permitting Retail Marijuana Sales Moves Forward
  383. Anything but mellow: Snoop Dogg calls out CBS’s Gayle King over Kobe Bryant interview
  384. USDA Announces Two More Hemp Insurance Programs
  385. South Dakota hemp bill advances with governor’s support
  386. Virginia: Legislative Effort Reducing Marijuana Possession Penalties Advances
  387. Southern comfort: More Canopy Growth CBD products appear in U.S. while Canada waits
  388. New Zealand Cannabidiol Use Audit Results
  389. Top Connecticut Lawmakers File Marijuana Legalization Bill On Behalf Of Governor
  390. New York: An Analysis of Governor Cuomo’s Legalization Proposal
  391. U.S. company created ultimate Canadian dream by combining cannabis and maple syrup
  392. Hemp producer GenCanna files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
  393. The sky could be the limit for Bahamas medical cannabis users who grow plants for personal use
  394. New Hampshire Senate Approves SB 420 To Let Medical Marijuana Patients Grow Their Own
  395. State to revisit legislation allowing CBD in food, beverages California to revisit legislation allowing hemp-derived cbd in food
  396. Plant Person Profile: Solonje Burnett
  397. Access denied: B.C. court rejects licensing appeal brought by illicit dispensaries
  398. Majority Of Kentucky Residents Back Legalizing Marijuana For Any Purpose, Poll Finds As Medical Hearing Approaches
  399. Cannabis Usage in Teen Years Affects Driving Abilities
  400. Psychedelic Clinic Company Field Trip Raises $8.5 Million
  401. Washington, DC sets stage for decriminalizing psychedelics
  402. Better late than never: Okanagan Valley opens doors to its first BC Cannabis Store
  403. Planet 13 Cafe Is Paying Off As Sales Stay Strong
  404. Funny, fail cannabis moments of this year’s Oscar nominees
  405. CBD Craze Sparks ‘Weed Washing’ Trend
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  410. ‘Damn, these boys are high’: Shaq dunks on Orlando’s Aaron Gordon ahead of All-Star Weekend
  411. Tide Pods more dangerous to public health than THC-infused edibles, frustrated Canadian doc says
  412. Virginia Lawmakers Approve Another Marijuana Decriminalization Bill
  413. More states abandon federal hemp oversight before USDA rolls out bare-bones application
  414. My love language? These cannabis-infused chocolate clusters: Doug McNish
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  418. Connecticut Governor Renews Marijuana Legalization Pledge In Budget Proposal And Speech
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  420. Judge for yourself: Sometimes weed marketing seems too good to be true
  421. Vermont Committee OKs Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales And Limit THC Potency
  422. Dominant Florida MMJ supplier sees huge CBD dip
  423. Well, well, well: OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder hopes his hemp-infused water can help heal the world
  424. Measure To Decriminalize Psychedelics Advances In Washington, D.C.
  425. Despite cannabis ban in Indonesia, one province skirting rules with a bud-infused beverage
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  475. New York bar, sheriffs’ associations offer clashing views on state cannabis legalization
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  479. Stepping outside: Canada’s outdoor cannabis operations surge past indoor grows for first time
  480. Australia: Cannabis Possession Now Depenalized in the Capital Territory
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  482. Canada Post asks cannabis producers to stop shipping to Campobello Island
  483. 3 More Australian Medical Cannabis Ventures Gain Major Project Status
  484. Colorado Officials Unveil ‘Roadmap’ To Increase Marijuana Banking Access
  485. Ontario Cannabis Store expands same- and next-day deliveries, depending on postal code
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  487. Utah Health Officials Say Medical Marijuana Program Will Have Slow Start
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  495. Oregon wholesale marijuana flower prices rise after growers exit market, some pivot to hemp Prices improving for marijuana wholesale in Oregon
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  497. Judge slams Human Rights Commission’s dismissal of medical cannabis complaint against bank
  498. Andrew Yang Makes Case For Legal Marijuana And Mass Drug Pardons As His Kids Play On Stage
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  531. Joe Montana is heavily invested in cannabis — but don’t ask him about it
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  586. Colorado Marijuana And Beer Companies Will Partner To Boost Energy Efficiency, Governor Announces
  587. Inability to test if cannabis or hemp allows Ohio man found with 91 pounds of “weed” to get off
  588. Ontario farm-gate stores will have to sell their cannabis to the OCS — and buy it back — before offering it to customers
  589. Pro-Legalization Group Ranks Best And Worst Governors On Marijuana
  590. Australia says over-the-counter CBD sales ‘could be considered during 2020’
  591. Jamaica makes moves to ensure traditional growers aren’t left behind
  592. Marijuana Tourism Will Boost Tax Revenue, Illinois Governor Says In State Of The State Speech
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  633. British tourist gets 10-year sentence for bringing CBD oil into Dubai
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  698. Austin City Council Approves Measure To End Most Marijuana Arrests
  699. Alberta’s Sundial slashes 10 per cent of workforce in a bid to remain agile
  700. New Hampshire Lawmakers Debate Non-Commercial Marijuana Legalization Bill
  701. Tweed Collective wants to give cannabis-related community projects and non-profit its money
  702. Virginia Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization Bill
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  704. Detroit Police Blame Illicit Marijuana Sales for Increase in Violence
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  714. Historic Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club receives special exemption to operate despite no licence
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  726. If at first you don’t succeed: NY governor to try, try again to add cannabis legalization to 2020 budget
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  728. New Vermont Bill Would Decriminalize Psychedelics And Kratom
  729. Judy Schmeling becomes chair of Canopy, still notable in male-dominated cannabis industry
  730. Congressman Visits Marijuana Dispensary On Behalf Of Bernie Sanders’s Presidential Campaign
  731. Toronto shelled out more than $350,000 to put concrete blocks in front of illegal dispensaries
  732. Former DEA chief Karen Tandy joins new CBD advisory panel
  733. FDA grants expanded access to MDMA to explore drug’s impact on PTSD sufferers
  734. USDA interim final rule comment period to close in one week
  735. Close to half of all hemp tested in Arizona contained too much THC
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  738. Mexican Lawmakers Plan To Pass Amended Marijuana Legalization Bill Before End Of April
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  747. EPIC/Greyling Launches Cannabis Site Pollution Liability (CSPL) Insurance Program
  748. Georgetown Hemp Subscribes to ‘Seed to Sale’ Model in Rockville, Maryland
  749. CBD EXPO 2019 ORLANDO: Hemp+Ville CBD Launches Franchise Opportunities
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  751. GV Apothecary in New York Kicks Off the 2019 Holiday Season with a Donation Drive and Opening of Second Location
  752. Arizona climate blamed for ‘off the charts’ THC failure in first hemp crops
  753. Canadian company first to test medical potential of rare cannabinoid CBN
  754. Cosmetic Insurance Services, an EPIC Company, Now Offering Insurance for CBD Cosmetic and Personal Care Products
  755. House Lawmakers Caution Key Senate Chairman Not To Overhaul Marijuana Banking Bill
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  757. Indoor Harvest Corp. (OTC: INQD) announced today the development of the 2020 New Outlook Plan
  758. New Mexico Governor Says It’s ‘High Time’ To Legalize Marijuana
  759. Influential cardiology journal highlights risks in consuming cannabis
  760. Creso Pharma Carves It Up With Cannabidiol For Canines
  761. 95Visual is pleased to announce the launch of Blue River Pharmacy’s new website
  762. Kentucky will operate 2020 hemp program under existing rules
  763. Illinois police dress up as Cheech and Chong to make a few points about pot
  764. Former NFLers Calvin Johnson, Rob Sims tackle cannabis and CTE
  765. EevolveSelf, a New Cosmetic MedSpa in L.A., Offers Latest Non-Surgical Treatments to Revitalize, Rejuvenate and Restore
  766. Doobie Nights dispensary lights up California with things ‘not being done anywhere else’
  767. New York Governor Includes Marijuana Legalization In New Budget Plan
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  769. Spend $448 on cannabis jewellery — a small price to pay for “empowerment”
  770. Chocolate Brand Trademarks The Word Psilocybin
  771. Some things in life are free, including medical cannabis for certain users in Sicily
  772. Falcon Wants $50 Million Breakup Fee From Harvest Health
  773. Mellow out: California-based company trademarks “Psilocybin”, but there are limits
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  782. Brad Pitt on his SAG Award: It wasn’t hard to ‘play a guy who gets high, takes his shirt off and doesn’t get on with his wife’
  783. Veterans Affairs Canada mulls adding disposable vape pens to reimbursement program
  784. Pro-pot activists lambaste Michigan ad campaign for body shaming, scare tactics
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  786. Australian Medicinal Cannabis Approval Statistics
  787. Joe Biden still not sold on this whole marijuana thing
  788. Europe needs time to warm to cannabis, but hope is slow and steady wins the race
  789. Idaho Senator Files Bill To Decriminalize Drug Possession
  790. Hemp states running pilot programs in 2020 starting to ask for deadline extensions
  791. PEI-based company brings its fruity, master vapes to the Ontario Cannabis Store
  792. U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Pushes For Marijuana Legalization In Annual Speech
  793. Italy sets THC limits, testing standards for hemp food
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  797. Washington state lawmakers table bill that would effectively ban adult-use concentrates
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  826. B.C.’s cannabis cred takes a hit as ‘legendary product not making its way to the legal market’
  827. Ontario online stock for edibles was not gone in 60 seconds, but most sold out in mere hours
  828. Joe Biden Again Says No To Marijuana Legalization Without More Studies
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  857. Despite submitting plan to USDA, Georgia budget crunch could stifle hemp goals
  858. Caliva Opens “DELI” Retail Location and Delivery Service Throughout Los Angeles
  859. ‘You can smell it from a mile away’: municipalities call on Ontario to help deal with pungent pot smell
  860. China Must Import More Hemp From U.S. Under New Trade Deal
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  862. Doug McNish goes to Davos to curate a succulent meal that is entirely plant-based. No, not that plant.
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  866. Winnipeg’s cannabis-related emergency calls almost doubled in 2019
  867. NFL Says ‘Hype’ Over CBD Isn’t Backed By Science
  868. Actor Brian Cox dropped as patron for seniors’ daycare after his ‘wonderful’ cannabis comments
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  870. Hawaii’s decriminilazation of marijuana is in effect
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  876. Ever been so high you wanted to die? Mother & Clone feels your pain in promos for sublingual spray
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  878. One of the most advanced tests for cannabis impairment is being developed in Toronto
  879. Vermont Governor Seems Open To Legalizing Marijuana Sales
  880. Don’t stay up: Here’s when edibles and vape pens will be online in Ontario
  881. New Bill Seeks To Overturn U.S. CBD Dietary Supplement Marketing Ban
  882. USDA publishes directory for DEA-certified hemp testing laboratories
  883. Cannabis use won’t disqualify you from donating blood, but you’re going to have to sober up first
  884. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Considers ‘Cannabis Policies for the New Decade’
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  887. Oregon State University gets $2.5 million in federal funding for hemp research
  888. France almost ready to launch massive trial into benefits of medical marijuana
  889. Congress ramping up pressure to ‘provide a pathway forward’ for hemp, CBD
  890. Chronic cannabis use could affect driving, even when not acutely intoxicated
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  897. Changes in Tilray top brass feature wealth of experience in beverages, cosmetics
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  913. FDA Would Be Required To Allow CBD Product Marketing Under New Bipartisan Bill
  914. Washington State lawmaker’s efforts to allow using CBD in food derided as ‘useless’ endeavour
  915. Canopy, Loblaws and six other companies bid for control of New Brunswick’s struggling pot industry
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  929. ‘We are in no way marketing to children,’ Mother Labs defends ad after Twitter kerfuffle
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  931. Physicians warming to CBD drug for epilepsy, pharmaceutical maker tells investors
  932. Activists Take Steps To Decriminalize Psychedelics In Washington, D.C.
  933. North Macedonia slowly becoming an intriguing, if risky, cannabis market
  934. Kentucky hemp association urges state to keep old rules
  935. Florida Marijuana Legalization Campaign Shifts Focus To 2022 Instead Of This Year
  936. Congressional Committee to Hold Marijuana Legislative Hearing This Wednesday
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  938. U.S. Senator Visits Illinois Marijuana Dispensary To Talk Social Equity And Banking
  939. New Pax device places premium on transparency in tricky time for vape makers
  940. U.S. sees uptick in amount of cannabis smuggled across the U.S.-Canada border
  941. CBD makers shouldn’t face liability claims until FDA acts, judge rules
  942. Manitoba gobbles up all the legal edibles in sight, but analysts wary of future of new products
  943. Surreal purple haze in Arizona Sky is all thanks to cannabis
  944. GW Pharma Reports $108 Million For Fourth Quarter Sales
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  1003. SOL Globals’ CannCure To Go Public Through Reverse Merger
  1004. Federal Reserve Bank Examines Marijuana Industry’s Growth
  1005. Despite Board of Health’s objections, Mississippi residents will vote on medical cannabis legalization
  1006. Virginia Governor Pushes Marijuana Decrim In State Of The Commonwealth Speech
  1007. State laws may render NFL’s anti-cannabis policy difficult to enforce
  1008. Saskatchewan’s Carry the Kettle First Nation partners with B.C. company to form cannabis facility
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  1095. South Dakota: Adult-Use Marijuana Initiative Certified for 2020 Ballot
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  1101. Leaking cartridges force Aphria to issue voluntary recall of new vape pens
  1102. New task force sets out to standardize hemp sampling methods, analysis
  1103. High Times Hires Stormy Simon As New CEO After Kraig Fox Quits
  1104. People Visiting Safe Injection Sites Are Less Likely To Die Compared To Other Drug Consumers, Study Finds
  1105. Maine: Regulators Now Accepting Retail Marijuana Business Applications
  1106. Amnesty boxes set to take cannabis off the hands of uniformed U.S. travellers
  1107. U.S. companies forced to watch as Canada shares its cannabis with the world
  1108. South Carolina tells animal feed, pet treat firms to reformulate products with hemp, CBD
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  1158. South Carolina traffic stop underscores problems of transportation protocols for police, hemp industry
  1159. Illinois governor issues 11,000-plus pardons for cannabis-related offences a day before state legalization
  1160. New study indicates a decline in binge drinking by college students in states where adult-use cannabis is legal
  1161. A hemp license is property, federal judge rules in Minnesota case
  1162. Connecticut man livestreams himself speeding — and crashing — with cannabis in his car
  1163. When it comes to pot prices, the grass really is greener on Canada’s side of the fence
  1164. Illinois Recreational Cannabis Sales Off To A Strong Start
  1165. New Fire & Flower cannabis store set to blossom in Toronto’s Chinatown area
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  1167. Illinois’s legal cannabis sales reach US$3.2 million on first day
  1168. Illinois Lieutenant Governor Joins Hundreds in Line to Buy Legal Weed
  1169. North Dakota State Hemp Plan Rejected By USDA
  1170. Indiana Senator And Congressman Ask USDA To Make Four Changes To Proposed Hemp Rules
  1171. Washington state regulator removes online map of cannabis producers in wake of burglaries, break-ins
  1172. Virginia Prosecutor Announces His Office Will Not Pursue Marijuana Possession Cases
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  1174. ‘We got everything back’: New York police finally return hemp it mistook for cannabis to owner
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  1258. Vermont hemp hearings, Michigan cannabis warning labels, Medicine Man update & more
  1259. IL gov signs historic cannabis bill, MA moves on MJ cafes/delivery, new CA vape cartridge symbol rules & more
  1260. Cannabis oil in Georgia, early MMJ access in MA, finalizing hemp regs in Alaska & more
  1261. Surterra marijuana company hires Fareed Khan from Kellogg as CFO
  1262. Utah selects growers, CBD comment period ends, NJ to post MMJ apps & more
  1263. US Congress mulls milestone cannabis bills, on-premise MJ edibles moves in Alaska & more
  1264. Cronos cannabis firm spending $300 million to enter US hemp market
  1265. CBD retailer gets hemp shipment back from NYPD
  1266. Epidiolex maker GW Pharmaceuticals records $72 million in revenue
  1267. Don’t fall victim to fantasy valuations in the cannabis and hemp sectors
  1268. Louisiana medical marijuana kickoff, Dixie-Arizona Iced Tea team, NM reciprocity & more
  1269. Weedmaps to end its ads for illicit cannabis, FBI probes MJ industry, MO licensing odds & more
  1270. Cannabis leader nomination deadline for MJBizDaily Awards is Saturday
  1271. Global cannabis trends and game-changers: Q&A with Narbé Alexandrian, CEO of Canopy Rivers
  1272. Bruce Linton is joining Gage Cannabis Co. as executive chairman
  1273. Oklahoma Activists File Revised 2020 Marijuana Legalization Measure To Protect Medical Program
  1274. Life for cannabis testing labs in California has stabilized
  1275. 1980s Drug Czar Calls Pete Buttigieg’s Drug Decriminalization Plan ‘Nuts’
  1276. Village Farms CEO Michael DeGiglio on cannabis industry vision
  1277. Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio are first with approved hemp rules
  1278. Illinois: Retail Marijuana Sales Begin Next Week
  1279. USDA Approves First State Hemp Plans Following Crop’s Federal Legalization
  1280. Pennsylvania processor gets green light to reopen limited operations but must pay fine
  1281. USDA announces long-delayed hemp rules, calling for total THC testing
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  1283. MedMen Sells Licenses As It Tries To Raise Cash
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  1285. U.S. veterans can use medical marijuana, they just have to pay for it
  1286. USDA issues hemp rules, Mexican recreational cannabis vote delayed, spring rollout for Michigan’s rec market & more.
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  1301. Hemp Businesses Need Clarity On Credit Card Processing, GOP Congressman Tells Federal Regulators
  1302. Israel’s High Court Freezes Medical Cannabis Reform
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  1322. Trump Flexing Presidential Medical Marijuana Muscle (Again)
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  1324. B.C. solicitor general forecasts better year ahead for cannabis products, revenue
  1325. Scandals, shockers and let-downs: The most enraging cannabis stories of 2019
  1326. Rapper DaBaby arrested for concealing a weapon and being in possession of marijuana
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  1337. Brisk early sales of weed edibles at Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. outlet
  1338. Portland Activists Begin Gathering Signatures For Psychedelics Decriminalization Measure
  1339. Elon Musk back to making weed jokes after Tesla’s stock hit a record $420
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  1341. New Jersey voters will decide on legal weed in 2020
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  1376. Surprise leadership change at Aurora Cannabis as Chief Corporate Officer Cam Battley resigns
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  1378. State Officials Raid Dozens of Unlicensed Weed Dispensaries in LA
  1379. Aurora Cannabis Provides Update Following Tumultuous Year
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  1391. Lamberts Land Honorary Fellowship For Cannabis Contribution
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  1404. SpaceX is Delivering Cannabis to the International Space Station
  1405. Massachusetts’ Ban on THC Vapes Comes to an End
  1406. New York CBD retailer facing marijuana charges over hemp
  1407. Aurora Cannabis Inc Reported Earnings
  1408. NB cannabis farm re-zoning stokes neighbourhood concerns about odours
  1409. Millions Petition Netflix Show with Gay Jesus and Pot-Smoking Mary
  1410. Jerry Jones Says to Expect a Change to the NFL’s Marijuana Policy
  1411. Oregon regulators ban CBD in alcoholic beverages
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  1414. Dispensaries Fall Under Fire in Connection with Massachusetts Vaping Illnesses
  1415. German court halts sale of CBD as food without novel food tag
  1416. Family of Murdered Student Bash NYPD for Linking Marijuana to Case
  1417. Luke Skywalker arrested in Texas for cannabis possession
  1418. Pot producer CannTrust’s license to produce, sell cannabis suspended
  1419. CDC Announces Hospitalizations from Vaping Illness Have Declined
  1420. Federal appropriations bill includes nearly $20 million in hemp industry provisions
  1421. Mom 4/20: A holiday lesson — if you are high and lonely, put down the phone
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  1426. Your CBD Store owner in Iowa arrested for selling illegal CBD
  1427. SAFE Banking Act Headed to the House This Month
  1428. Study: Marijuana Retailers Not Selling to Underage Customers
  1429. Highway to harm: 12 million Americans admit to having driven under influence of cannabis, CDC says
  1430. Congress Attaches Marijuana, Hemp And CBD Provisions To Federal Spending Bills
  1431. Health Canada recalls THC product mislabeled as CBD
  1432. Near-Record Support for Cannabis Legalization Reflected in Latest National Polls
  1433. ‘It’s really nice to see’: New cannabis offerings brighten the holidays in Winnipeg
  1434. Three-Fourths Of New Mexico Voters Support Marijuana Legalization, State-Funded Poll Shows
  1435. Brazilian court approves one company for hemp cultivation
  1436. 5 Top Holiday Destinations for Cannabis Lovers
  1437. South Dakota: Medical Cannabis Initiative Certified for 2020 Ballot
  1438. THC cap for edibles may turn consumers to the illicit market
  1439. Massachusetts Dispensary Manager Talks Crossing Borders
  1440. Rocky start for inaugural hemp auction, but more events are planned Hemp biomass auction off to a rocky start with more events soon
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  1448. Hemp sales could increase $100 million by 2022, USDA predicts
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  1462. Hemp THC levels estimated to exceed 0.3% limit in 20% of lots
  1463. US Cannabis Legalization in 2020: Highly Unlikely and Here’s Why
  1464. Lawsuits dropped between Canopy Growth and Go Farm Hemp
  1465. AgTech Scientific hemp producer secures loan for $30 million
  1466. Front Range Biosciences is Hemp Game Changer at MJBizCon
  1467. US Senate confirms Hahn as new head of FDA
  1468. Smokable hemp flower USDA regulations endangering market
  1469. The Daily Hit: December 17, 2019
  1470. State agriculture departments ask USDA to extend comment period by 60 days
  1471. Executive Spotlight: Oregrown’s Aviv Hadar
  1472. Hemp association searching for new leadership as executive director steps down
  1473. GrowGeneration Buys Oregon’s GrowWorld
  1474. USDA extends public comment period for hemp interim final rule by 30 days
  1475. Leafly Expands Into E-Commerce, Data
  1476. Pay to play: California mulls taxing cannabis based on the strength of the strain
  1477. Opioid Prescriptions Down In States With Legal Marijuana, Study Finds
  1478. CBD products for athletes boost the U.S sports nutrition market
  1479. The Daily Hit: December 20, 2019
  1480. Cannabis use may change the structure of the heart: U.K. study
  1481. Vermont House Speaker Says Majority Of Lawmakers Back Legalizing Marijuana Sales
  1482. Discount and sporting goods retailers begin CBD distribution
  1483. Lift & Co. makes ‘difficult decision’, lays off 13 employees from Toronto office
  1484. Medical Marijuana Legalization Measure Officially Qualifies For South Dakota 2020 Ballot
  1485. EPA approves 10 pesticides for hemp production
  1486. Cannabis edibles, extracts, topicals and vapors on their way: B.C.
  1487. Vermont CBD retailer arrested for allegedly stiffing hemp farms
  1488. Edmonton company charged with money laundering involving illegal cannabis sales
  1489. News flash: Um, Amsterdam isn’t legal?
  1490. EPA Approves Pesticides For Hemp In Time For 2020 Growing Season
  1491. Kentucky hemp producer announces layoffs after season of business challenges
  1492. Nashville police arrest Seattle man for transporting huge stash of marijuana wrapped as presents
  1493. Trump Administration Moves To Deny Asylum Over Misdemeanor Marijuana Offenses
  1494. NORML ZA: Cannabis South Africa Roundup
  1495. ‘Clinically reassuring’: Massive trial finds psilocybin safe for human consumption
  1496. New Zealand’s Medical Cannabis Scheme Regulations Announced
  1497. Alberta opts to snuff out vaping products while review underway, while it’s yes, no or maybe for other provinces
  1498. Curaleaf Says 2019 Was Great, 2020 Will Be Even Better
  1499. Take me to the cannabis spa and dip me in CBD: Sarah Hanlon
  1500. Los Angeles Prosecutor Candidates Back Drug Decriminalization At Debate
  1501. MLB Removes Cannabis from the List of Banned Substances
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  1503. Five jobs in the U.S. where free marijuana can be a frequent bonus
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  1508. Is CBD an effective way to treat hangovers?
  1509. Senate leader wants THC potency cap in cannabis banking bill (Newsletter: December 19, 2019)
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  1512. ‘Research remains challenging’: Republicans call for hearing on potential benefits of cannabis
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  1517. The Great Outdoors: 48North produces pot at a fraction of the cost of indoor grows
  1518. USDA Extends Hemp Rule Comment Period
  1519. Elizabeth Warren Files Marijuana Bills For Veterans And Immigrants
  1520. RCMP, Canada Post stop $1 million in drugs bound for Quebec’s Nunavik region
  1521. Federal Spending Package Protects Medical Marijuana, Strips Other Provisions
  1522. Key Senate Chairman Lays Out Possible Marijuana Banking Bill Changes
  1523. New Brunswick has something edible in store for Christmas — just don’t go looking for it yet
  1524. New Jersey: Governor Signs Marijuana Expungement Bill into Law
  1525. Cannabis beauty gifts to glow-up the season
  1526. Ohio-based CBD empire terminates bid to acquire multistate cannabis operator
  1527. Substitute Teacher Fired for Allegedly Smoking Pot in Front of Class
  1528. Government takes heat for warning health-conscious Canadians ‘not to consume cannabis’
  1529. Lawmakers Send Multiple Letters To USDA Urging Hemp Rule Changes
  1530. Chicago residents may have to wait until summer to buy legal weed despite state legalization kicking in on January 1
  1531. Elixinol Continues To Navigate CBD Labeling Rules
  1532. Partnership between Canadian hemp producer and U.S. extraction company breaks ground in Alberta
  1533. Growth of CBD in pet supplements
  1534. Hemp Is Now Legal. Here’s How Farmers Can Cash in on the CBD Craze
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  1546. Cannabis Policy of the Political Parties
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  1548. How Does Canada Grant Cannabis Pardons After Legalisation?
  1549. Cannabis Policy of the Political Parties
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  1551. Black Friday looms Green Wednesday
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  1554. Cory Booker Slams Joe Biden’s Marijuana Legalization Opposition At Debate
  1555. The Pros and Cons of At-Home Testing for Patients: What Clinicians Should Know
  1556. Fire at Pennsylvania hemp drying shed prompts storage warning
  1557. This New, CBD-Based Compound Can Reverse CIPN—And Scientists Discovered It by Accident
  1558. Stephen Hahn cancer specialist picked to head the FDA
  1559. USDA suggests farmers pay hemp-promotions fee, offers no more details on rule changes
  1560. Rick Simpson Oil – RSO Oil – Best CBD Oil
  1561. CV Sciences reports falling revenues of $12.6 million for Q3
  1562. GOP Senator Says He Tried CBD And Jokes About Its Hair Regrowth Potential
  1563. GW Pharmaceuticals reports revenue of $91 million for Q3
  1564. Air Force Issues Notice Banning CBD Use Regardless Of Legal Status
  1565. HID’s Kristen Nichols breaks down USDA’s new hemp rules
  1566. Joe Biden’s Outdated Views On Marijuana Will Not Do Him Any Favors (Op-Ed)
  1567. CBD retail landscape is rapidly evolving
  1568. Lawmakers And Advocates React To Historic Passage Of Bill To End Federal Marijuana Prohibition
  1569. Five Southern Oregon hemp businesses fined $825,000
  1570. CBD Holiday Recipes: The Solution to Holiday Stress
  1571. New York prosecutor to drop marijuana charges in Vermont hemp seizure
  1572. Kentucky notches fiber first in testing hemp for bridge repair
  1573. Watch Live: Congress Holds Historic Vote On Bill To Federally Legalize Marijuana
  1574. NYPD seizes Vermont hemp shipment mistaken for marijuana
  1575. Vita Coco Enters UK CBD Market with CBD Coconut Water
  1576. JustCBD faces liability lawsuit over possible CBD vaping illness
  1577. Amid EU limits on CBD foods, UK industry group launches new effort to stay on store shelves
  1578. Key chairman works to clear path for cannabis floor vote (Newsletter: November 20, 2019)
  1579. FDA will not create CBD exception without adequate safety data
  1580. Troubles mount for Kentucky hemp pioneer GenCanna
  1581. CBD company plans aromatherapy, cosmetics focus in new partnership
  1582. Breaking down the USDA’s hemp rules
  1583. Proposed THC test standards spark hemp industry backlash
  1584. Charlotte’s Web blames lack of FDA direction for slow growth
  1585. Cross-pollination drives growing disputes between marijuana, hemp farmers
  1586. Congressional vote on descheduling cannabis this week (Newsletter: November 18, 2019)
  1587. Canopy Growth gets green light to move forward with lawsuit against California hemp farm
  1588. HealthyTOKYO Plants First Vegan Restaurant at Tokyo International Airport
  1589. Key Congressional Committee Officially Schedules Vote On Marijuana Legalization Bill
  1590. Pennsylvania hemp facility shut down after code violations
  1591. Indian Textile Startup Malai Creates Vegan Leather Made From Coconut Waste
  1592. Greece Give Green Light to 26 Medical Cannabis Licenses
  1593. What are the Benefits of Hemp Expansion
  1594. Square Opens Up Payment Processing To More CBD Businesses
  1595. AOC Calls For Decriminalizing The Use Of All Drugs
  1596. Behind the scenes in a Kentucky ornamental powerhouse that converted to hemp
  1597. Oldest & Largest Vegan Trade Fair VeggieWorld Lands in Hong Kong
  1598. CBD Tonic Water Launched By BumbleZest Drinks
  1599. Highlands Natural Resources to Focus on CBD Brand
  1600. USA SAFE Banking Act Could Clear Up the Cannabis Banking Issue
  1601. OTO CBD Company Launches New CBD Shots
  1602. The Environmental Benefits of Hemp: Ecological Benefits
  1603. Breaking Bad Teams Up With Marijuana Company MedMen To Promote New Netflix Film
  1604. Sanders Pledges Legal Marijuana ‘In Every State’ As Biden Faces ‘Gateway Drug’ Backlash
  1605. Canopy Growth’s NY hemp facility to receive $1.7 million tax break
  1606. Plant-Based JUST Egg Launches Soon In China, Continues Work on Cell-Cultured Chicken Nugget
  1607. Ireland Cannabis Boom – Increase in Farming and Investment
  1608. Can CBD Skincare Really Help Your Skin?
  1609. Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Partners with Regulatory Service
  1610. Could CBD Help Solve the Vape Crisis?
  1611. Bravura Foods Launch ‘The Leaf Life’ CBD-infused Drinks
  1612. Sleep Deprivation Triggers the Same Cravings as Cannabis Consumption
  1613. Almost Half of Nurses Providing Prenatal Care Are Misinformed About Alcohol Use During Pregnancy: Study
  1614. Major Trucking Industry Group Urges Feds To Lift Marijuana Research Roadblocks
  1615. New Jersey Voters Will Decide On Marijuana Legalization Next Year, Senate Leaders Say
  1616. Hemp industry disturbed by agency’s involvement in THC testing rules
  1617. Hong Kong’s Best Vegan Tasting Menus
  1618. Canopy Growth and Spectrum Therapeutics Secure UK Import License
  1619. EMMAC Life Sciences raises £15 million via an Issue of Convertible Notes
  1620. CBD Vs Acne – Can Cannabidiol Help to Prevent Acne?
  1621. Dutch Cities Selected for Legal Cannabis Trials
  1622. Canadian Cannabis Company to Destroy $77 Million of Cannabis Plants
  1623. Satipharm Launches New CBD Oil in European Market
  1624. What Clinicians Need to Know About Every FDA-Approved CBD Product
  1625. Inventors File Patent Application For Scratch-And-Sniff Marijuana Packages
  1626. NJ lawmakers to put legal cannabis on ballot for voters to decide (Newsletter: November 19, 2019)
  1627. CBD wellness firm Heavenly Rx to take over Nasdaq-traded drug company
  1628. Is CBD Legal in Hong Kong? All Your CBD Questions, Answered
  1629. MPs Call For Policy Reform Through Decriminalisation of Drugs
  1630. Americans Google CBD Up to 60% More Than Other Health Topics
  1631. Weller expands CBD portfolio with new Sparkling Water line
  1632. Sativa Group PLC Granted Home Office License for High-THC Cannabis
  1633. CBD Suncream – Can CBD Improve Sun Protection?
  1634. Czech Government Plans to Pay for Patients’ Medical Cannabis
  1635. Cirrus releases new CBD-infused sparkling water range
  1636. Do You Know What’s in Your Cannabis? Almost Two-Thirds Don’t…
  1637. Mexican Cannabis Legalisation Draft to Create Largest Market in the World
  1638. UK CBD Brand Expand into Tesco Stores
  1639. The First Study of OUD Recovery Paints a Clearer Picture of the U.S. Opioid Epidemic
  1640. Former Congressman Who Fought Marijuana Legalization Joins Cannabis Company Board
  1641. AOC Blasts Biden’s ‘Reagan-Era’ Marijuana Talking Points
  1642. Germany will call CBD a ‘novel food’ under EU guidelines
  1643. Where To Buy CBD Oil & Skincare Heavens Please Shop
  1644. Ben & Jerry’s ‘will release’ CBD ice cream in the US, when legalised by FDA
  1645. Association for the Cannabinoid Industry to be launched by the CMC
  1646. What are the Origins of ‘420’
  1647. Daytrip launches new CBD-infused sparkling water range
  1648. American Company Develop CBD Activewear
  1649. Canopy Growth Announce Luxembourg Medical Cannabis Agreement
  1650. What are Terpenes? – A Guide to Cannabis
  1651. Canada’s Second Wave of Cannabis Legalisation
  1652. CBD sparkling water maker Sweet Reason secures $2.5m in funding
  1653. The MS Society Labels UK Medical Cannabis Law “a Failure”
  1654. Cannabis in Canberra – What’s the Story with Australian Weed?
  1655. What Every Clinician Should Know About Vaping-Related Lung Disease
  1656. California Governor Signs Marijuana Tax Fairness Bill But Vetoes Cannabis In Hospitals
  1657. Virginia Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Filed For 2020 After Democrats Reclaim Legislature
  1658. Pennsylvania hemp drying facility reopens; employees still awaiting payment
  1659. Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants Jakarta Guide
  1660. Total CBD launches new range of CBD ‘Tongue Shots’
  1661. CBD Drinks Delivered to Your Door With Deliveroo
  1662. Can CBD act as anti-oxidants?
  1663. Are Cannabis Members Clubs Taking Off in the UK?
  1664. Nooro expands CBD snack bar range with two new flavours
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  1932. Access to this page has been denied.
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“We already have our brand — we just need polices to change so we can celebrate our culture and promote our region.”

When Brenton Raby moved into the former site of the Old Holy Smoke Culture Shop in Nelson, B.C., he knew he was stepping into history.

Located on Hendryx Street, Holy Smoke was the home of the early grassroots cannabis activism movement in Nelson. A combination of head shop, hangout and dispensary, the house on the hill was a well-known destination for locals and travellers — and sometimes, the police, who raided the premises from time to time.  Benton was not involved in those earlier days, but now he’s focused on bringing that legacy back to life in his new café — a shop that celebrates B.C. bud’s place in history in the post-prohibition era of Canadian cannabis.

“My cafe will be new, modern and will not sell cannabis,” he says. But it’s still not legal — his plans to open a lounge, where consumers can vape and smoke in indoor comfort, are stymied by provincial anti-smoking laws.

At one point during its illustrious past, the city tried a few different strategies to shut down Holy Smoke. So it was notable when Nelson city council and the Kootenay regional district voted on Jan. 16 to support an exemption of section 37 of the B.C. Cannabis Control Regulation, which would open the door for cannabis events, farm tours and possibly lounges in the region.

The motion cites B.C. bud’s role in Canadian history and culture, saying, “…in British Columbia, and specifically in the Kootenay region, there is a historical legacy of cannabis cultivation and a clear acknowledgment that the cannabis industry is a pillar of our regional economy.”

It continues, “there is a historical legacy of cannabis cultivation and a clear acknowledgment that the cannabis industry is a pillar of our regional economy … Section 37 of the BC Cannabis Control Regulation prohibits the promotion of any place to consume or to spend time after consuming cannabis, which significantly limits the ability for the cannabis industry to thrive, and in many cases limits potential business owners to operate all together.

“Therefore be it resolved that the Union of B.C. Municipalities work with the provincial government to remove section 37 from the B.C. Cannabis regulation, which will remove a significant barrier to the success of the cannabis industry in British Columbia.”

The motion will go to the Association of Kootenay and Boundary Local Governments (AKBLG), which, if passed, will go to the Union of B.C. Municipalities.

An uphill battle

From Oct. 21 to Jan. 3, Raby and a crew of volunteers surveyed cannabis consumers and the public to find out how interested people would be in allowing cannabis farm tours and lounges in the area. He brought his findings, which he said demonstrated strong community support, to the city. Raby says his main motivation is to simply have a local place where consumers can enjoy cannabis and share — cannabis lounges, which usually charge a small fee at the door to enter, are hardly a big money maker.

“Although I hope to open a cannabis cafe when permitted, I am more interested in activism,” he says. “Provincial regulations and local bylaws are major road blocks. People need to have a place to gather and share. This is about culture, not profits — also drawing attention to rights of consumers for lots of choice and best possible price.”

Nelson and the Kootenays councils and activists aren’t the only B.C. communities hoping for an exemption. Earlier this month, the owners of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club received similar support from council — a motion that shows they’re willing to help keep the compassion club open, even if it doesn’t meet provincial regulations.

“We already have our brand — we just need polices to change so we can celebrate our culture and promote our region.”

Nelson also isn’t the first community hoping to grow an above-board cannabis tourism industry. But its unique legacy among activists and craft cultivators will likely differentiate it from experiences tourists can expect in Smiths Falls, Ontario, for example. A former chocolate manufacturing town turned cannabis cultivation mega-factory, Canopy will likely take advantage of new farm gate rules in the province and offer more experiences with time. Nelson’s craftier, outdoor-oriented and activist sensibilities will likely bring a different type of vibe.

FILE – Outdoor grows tucked away in the mountains around Nelson, B.C. present a unique opportunity for locals who want to preserve and grow the cannabis tourism industry — if they can obtain licenses to do so. Photo: Todd Veri

It also hasn’t been difficult for Raby to drum up support for his campaign at the local level.

“This resolution acknowledges the legacy of cannabis culture and it as an important economic driver both locally and provincially,” said Nelson councillor Brittny Anderson, who played a key role in getting the resolution passed. “With the resolution passing unanimously at the Regional District of Central Kootenay table, it demonstrates desire by local government to seek provincial regulations that enable businesses to thrive. In terms of the future of cannabis in our region, I hope policy and regulations adjustments enable a sustainable, diverse and robust industry that is inclusive of both legacy cultivators and new entrepreneurs.”

Shannon Ross, an advisor with Community Futures’ Cannabis Business Transition initiative, is also supportive support of obtaining an exemption of section 37 of the provincial cannabis regulations.

“The Kootenay region is known internationally as a legendary place that is home to some of the best cannabis cultivators in the world,” she said. “We already have our brand, we just need polices to change so we can celebrate our culture and promote our region. Recently, Nelson’s craft breweries have been a hub for the community. Allowing adults to consume and socialize together as a community is a deep tradition — cannabis consumption needs to be integrated into a similar model.”

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Written by Kate Robertson

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